Prestige Dynamics Industries Sdn Bhd (PDI) has started its operations in May 1990 and aspires to be one of the leading one stop centres for plastic injection moulding industry. We specialize in precision mould making, custom injection moulding and secondary processes. All manufacturing takes place in our fully integrated 10,000 square meters manufacturing plant, located in Penang, Malaysia. The company consists of approximately 350 employees.

Being an ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 certified company; PDI has gained global recognition as an established and reputable supplier which supplies quality products with the most stringent requirement of the automotive industries.

For over 23 years, our existing customers have strongly recommended PDI as the preferred supplier with excellent performance in quality, delivery and services; allowing PDI to enjoy rapid growth in its new customer base. Influx of sales from the new customers had required us to continuously expand our capacity to cater to new demand.


We are committed to providing the optimal plastic solutions services through our dedicated professional workforce and continual improvement in quality


To be an internationally recognized one stop service centre for all your precision plastics needs.


PDI is equipped with an advanced team of talented Process Engineers who had undergone on hand training in “advanced scientific moulding optimization” which is conducted by Routsis training-USA.

The right optimum moulding parameters can be identified & documented through conducting a scientific optimization. Optimization process will be conducted a total of 14 different segments of overall injection moulding cycle to identify the optimum values of moulding parameters. These optimized parameters will ensure a robust moulding process which results stable product quality, lesser energy consumption level, improved cycle time, optimum utilization of machine resources, process-safety and longer life of moulds & machine etc.

A proper optimization results also will give better clarity on the accuracy of the machine & room for improvements. An efficient Monitoring of product quality can be achieved through proper documentation of the optimized parameters

Business Model

Secondary Process Supplier

Tool Maker

Raw Material Supplier

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Recognitions & Certifications

Lean Management

PDI used lean techniques that aim to build and maintain the most efficient manufacturing business possible. It provides the one feasible way to cut costs while also shortening lead times and times to market, improving quality, and proving customers with exactly what they want precisely when they want it.


It consists of a number of complementary approaches across our business activities which focus on continuous improvement and identifying and eliminating waste, inflexibility, and variability in our operations.

  • Value Stream Mapping & Value Stream Design
  • 5S
  • KPI – Key Performance Indicator
  • Quick Change Over
  • Point CIP
  • TPM – Total Productive Maintenance
  • Process Optimization
  • Kanban