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Prestige Dynamics Industries Sdn. Bhd. Quality Assurance is proud to offer its accumulated experience through advance product with established a metrology lab with modern equipments run by qualified staff including:-

High Performance CMM

OGP Smart scope


Height Gauge

Gear checker

Small tool equipments

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R&D & Engineering


PDI is established with strong design and engineering team equipped with design software’s such as Unigraphics, ProE, Mold flow analysis which can drive into the results for a wide range of precise engineering products which requires very close tolerance & tight specifications.

A highly skilled team of engineers will review the engineering inputs& consolidate into the right
Tool design Concept for the mold & process to meet the customer expectations within the allowed commercial targets and provide Engineering solutions in terms of optimizing Product design by proposing molding feasibility changes without compromising product specifications. (DFM reports & Mold flow analysis) ESI: Development risk to be analyzed & addressed in the early stage of product development for improving the success growth & to ensure Early Return on investment is essential to any projects.

PDI R&D team has got a wide range of proven projects which has been undergone with early supplier involvement (ESI) during the important phases of planning & design by coordinating from the very earlier stage of hand sketch to photo inputs. As a part of fulfilling ESI objectives, PDI also provides stimulation services for resin selection without compromising the goals of product needs. PDI is also equipped with efficient Software & hardware support even for reverse engineering by make use of 3D scanning machine & corresponding 3D patch design software to build prototypes for early stage evaluation before a hard tool release. Our proto type- pre hardened & soft molds are being build with very fast machining methods & even can complete within 2 weeks time